Selection of our references

Project: Central station mobility hub Augsburg

Local public transport in Augsburg is to become more attractive. Behind this simple objective lies an ambitious transport project, which in its entirety was given the name "Augsburg Mobility Hub".

The renovation of the main train station is a project of the century for the city of Augsburg with up to 250 million euros.

First and foremost, the existing rail systems for long-distance, regional and local transport are better interlinked and the junctions are made more convenient through different individual expansion sections. In addition, new tram lines will strengthen city-friendly mobility in order to make traffic in Augsburg faster, more convenient and more environmentally friendly.

Our services: 5.338 m2 floors of artificial stone including floor sealing and screed, including 944 meters of tactile system. 1.298 meters of granite wedge solid steps. 

Project planning, delivery and installation.

Customer: Public utilities Augsburg. Own operation of the city of Augsburg.

Project: METRO Kopenhagen Sydhavn

This extension of the underground system to the south in Denmark's capital (Sydhavn or M4) will be connected to the main ring line (Cityringen) consists of five metro stations and will go into operation in 2024.  The new line M4 will complement the first lines M1 and M2 Currently in operation (total length 20 km) and line M3, also under construction (with service entry for 2020).

Once these projects are completed, the capacity of the Copenhagen metro system with trains without a ladder will increase from 240,000 to 460,000 passengers per day.  

Our service: Chiana granite 8900 m2 outside and inside with walls, floors and steps.  Project planning, delivery and installation.

Client: Consortium Vinci Construction Paris and Hoch-Tief Construction Essen, Copenhagen branch.

Projekt: UNI MED Augsburg

The medical campus of the University of Augsburg is being built in close proximity to the University of Augsburg Hospital in the west of the city.  The basis for the decision not to build the medical campus on the main campus of the university in the south of Augsburg is the wish of the university to offer the students of the medical faculty optimal study conditions. 

The first two buildings of the medical faculty will be a teaching building and the institute for theoretical medicine - they form the start of the medicine campus and will be ready for occupancy in 2023 and 2024 respectively.  Both new buildings will be erected on the site south of the university hospital complex.  The space program for the teaching building amounts to around 6,400 square meters of usable space and includes lecture halls, seminar and internship rooms, the medical branch library of the Augsburg University Library, an interprofessional training center and the dean's office of the medical faculty as well as the Institute for Didactics and Educational Research in Medicine (DeMEdA)  . 

Our performance : 

Planning and execution of the exterior facade from 5700 pieces of ceramic steles length 3400 mm on the two buildings. 

Our customer : 

Free State of Bayer, represented by the Augsburg State Building Authority.

Project: Residenz am Zwinger in Dresden, Germany

The establishment of the Zwinger Residenz - with high-quality apartments in the city center of Dresden at the Zwinger and Duchess Gardens. Construction of 190 exclusive apartments, including 86 freehold apartments and 104 fully furnished apartments for rent, 213 underground parking spaces. Construction takes place according to the latest ecological aspects (energy efficiency, drinking water management).30,000 m² GFA.

Client: Private investors from Czech Republic

Our service is the execution of the exterior facade in sandstone. Project planning, delivery and installation.

Project: Stockholm German Embassy, Sweden

The German Embassy in Stockholm is Germany's most important diplomatic mission in Stockholm. The embassy building, designed by Godber Nissen from 1958 to 1960, has been located at Skarpögatan 9 in Diplomatstaden since 1960. The new residence of the German ambassador is in Villa Ekarne on Djurgården. 

Client: Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. Minister of Housing and Building

Our service: Natural stone facade of Portuguese granite Cinza Claro. Project planning, delivery and installation.

Project: Private residence Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Reconstruction and renovation of a private residence in Frankfurt am Main. 

The 5-star apartments and suites serve as a retirement home for the owners. The equipment is very high quality. 

Client: Private investors as a community.

Our service: massive sandstone façade and interior with yellow limestone Jura. Project planning, delivery and installation.

Project: Fraunhofer Institute IPM Freiburg, Germany

new building for an institution

Fraunhofer IPM lays the foundation stone for a new institute building on the campus of the Faculty of Technology. More space for extremely fast, high-precision and robust measurement technology in Freiburg. The Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM has a new building for its research and development. Construction takes place on the university campus. After more than four years of planning, the foundation stone was laid for what is currently the largest Fraunhofer construction project in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Client: Fraunhofer Society Munich

Our service: project planning, delivery and installation of the three-dimensional ceramic façade.

Project: Hotel Bülow Residenz, Dresden, Germany

In the heart of the baroque district in Dresden, customers can enjoy luxurious comfort in a historic ambience in the former manor house at Rähnitzgasse 19.The house with its 28 elegant rooms & suites and individual event rooms can also be reserved entirely for family celebrations or company events.You can start your day with a hearty breakfast in the baroque-style courtyard or breakfast restaurant. The Romantik Hotel Bülow Residenz is only around 50 meters away from the neighboring Relais & Châteaux Hotel Bülow Palais.Since both hotels are under one management, the guests of the Bülow Residenz naturally have the opportunity to use all facilities of the neighboring Hotel Bülow Palais, such as underground parking, gastronomy or wellness.

Client: Family Bülow Stuttgart

Our service is the execution of the stonework on the outer facade. All the work inside in the lobby, rooms and suites, the renovation of the walls in the basement.

Project: Metro –Wehrhahnline- Düsseldorf, Germany

The Wehrhahn line is a tunnel construction for the expansion of the Düsseldorf subway, which is operated by the Rheinbahn in the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr and is partly financed by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Wehrhahn line has a distance of 3.4 kilometers. The tunnel construction started in November 2007 and the construction of the underground stations started in 2008. The actual tunnel drilling was completed in 2012. The official start of the subway line was on February 20, 2016.

The total costs amount to approximately 843.6 million euros.

Client: Capital of Düsseldorf, Office for Traffic Management

Our service: Facade in artificial stone. Project planning, delivery and installation.

Project: OpernTurm Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Opera Tower is a high-rise building with a height of 170 meters and 42 floors. It is accessed through an 18 meter high lobby. A podium building with seven floors rounds off the entire ensemble to the Opera Square. Thanks to the uniform yellow-beige stone cladding of the house facades, it blends in with the existing buildings around Opernplatz.  According to the owner, the opera tower consumes 23 percent less energy than required by the Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV 2007. As one of the first office buildings in Europe, it was certified as a green building according to the American environmental standard LEED Gold for environmentally friendly, resource-saving and sustainable construction.

Client: Company Tishmann & Speyer, New York, United States of America

Our service: Jura marble interior with walls, floors and steps. Project planning, delivery and installation.

Construction project: Rhein Main Congress Center Wiesbaden, Germany

The building design was convincing as part of a previous architecture competition, among others. due to its open, transparent and daylight-flooded design. In terms of urban planning, the house was integrated into the urban environment. The facades, their joining, structure and materiality reflect the interior qualities on the outside. They are based on the large buildings of the state capital. With the use of natural stone, wood cladding and metal-glass elements, the new building enters into a dialogue with the neighboring museum and the ministry. All-round high colonnades react to the Kurhaus, State Theater and Bowling Green. These upstream colonnades, the public passage and the green spaces connect the building with the city.

Client: Triwicon - Own operation of the capital city of Wiesbaden, the state of Hessen.

Our service: Jura marble interior with walls, floors and steps. High quality toilet areas with wall coverings, floors and vanities. Project planning, delivery and installation.

Project: Max Planck Institute Garching near Munich, Germany.

The new building for the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics is being built in Garching. On the one hand, it will consist of a three-level main building that houses laboratories and offices. On the other hand, a somewhat smaller two-story workshop building is planned. The building is 105 meters long and 65 meters wide. 

Client: Max Planck Institute Munich 

Our service is the technical planning, delivery and execution of the exterior facade in three-dimensional look made of ceramic tiles on the two buildings.

Project: IKK health insurance Saarbrücken, Germany

New construction of an administrative building of the IKK Südwest. The IKK Südwest is building a new building for administrative purposes with around 1000 workplaces in the Quartier Eurobahnhof in Saarbrücken.The planning envisages a main building with underground parking and five upper floors. The administrative areas are arranged around an atrium, which serves as a distribution and reception area. Two-storey communication zones are offered in the west and east wings, which correspond to each other via an air space and establish a visual connection between the interior and exterior via large glass surfaces.Opposite the main building is the annex, which mainly serves as office space.The buildings are subject to the highest demands in terms of sustainable planning, construction and operation. The aim is to achieve BNB certification in "silver".

Client: Health insurance company IKK Saarbrücken

Our service is the execution of the natural stone facade on the main and outbuilding.  Project planning, delivery and installation.

Project: Residential building Carl-Wery-street Munich, Germany

GEWOFAG is a Munich housing association founded in 1928. It has a stock of more than 36000 apartments and commercial units in and around Munich. The main tasks of the municipal company are new construction, letting, renovation and repair of the housing stock

Client: GEWOFAG housing association. Own operation of the capital city of Munich, the state of Bavaria.

Our performance: Jura marble gray blue High quality interior with walls, floors and steps. Project planning, delivery and installation

Project: Technical University of Nuremberg, Germany

The Technical University of Nuremberg has a new information center and a new campus center

The central library, the computer center and an underground car park for the TH Nuremberg are housed in the new information center. The redesign of the outdoor facilities is intended to become an attractive center on campus.

The concept for the information center is based on the idea of a central campus. Together with the existing building settings, the new house is a campus center with high residences. The urban typology of the existing buildings is continued with the new building and fits into the comb-like structure. With the construction of the library and the data center, it is said that a scale-scale building works in its surroundings.

The main entrance to the information center is visible from the central campus. A foyer distinguishes the library and the data center. The real staircase leads daylight through the skylight. The data center and the library are accessible from here.

Our service is the planning and installation of the facade in a light reddish sandstone.

Client: State, building authority, Erlangen, the state of Bavaria.

Our service: Natural stone facade of red sandstone form Germany. Project planning, delivery and installation.

Project: Hotel Cult of Frankfurt, Germany

The Hotel Cult is located in the traditional Sachsenhausen district of Frankfurt. Thanks to the excellent transport connections, you can reach many of Frankfurt's attractions quickly and easily. Short distances to Frankfurt Central Station, the exhibition center and the Rhein-Main Airport are particularly important for business travelers. But the way to the city center or to various sights is not far from the Hotel Cult. For those interested in art and culture, the Städel Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Nature Museum Senckenberg, the Film Museum, the Museum of World Cultures or the Goethe House offer something for every taste.

Client: Private investors as a community

Our service: Natural stone facade of Shell limestone form Germany. Project planning, delivery and installation

Project: Airport-Fraport- Frankfurt, Germany

Gate A-Plus. The gate with a total area of more than 185,000 square meters offers additional capacity for around six million passengers a year and is used exclusively by Lufthansa. Once completed, the 790 meter gate will offer parking positions for a total of seven wide-bodied A 380 and B 747 aircraft. Four of them are designed for the handling of the future Lufthansa flagship Airbus A380.

Client: Airport Fraport AG- Own operation of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. capital city of Frankfurt and  the state of Hessen

Our service: Natural stone: Monte Bianco from China and granite Padang from China, 78,000 sqm flooring, 900 sqm wall covering and 1,500 sqm stairs. Project planning, delivery and installation.

Project: Count's sea domain at Bodman, Gemany

Living directly on Lake Constance: By mid-2018, invaluable villas will be built in the center of Bodman. Each house has its own character and fits gently into the grown environment - in the immediate vicinity of the lake.

Client: Private investors

Architect: Prof. Hans Kollhoff

Material: natural stone facade sandstone

Our service is the execution of the exterior facade in sandstone. Project planning, delivery and installation.

Project: WBI Residential building City of Ingelheim, Germany

Ingelheim is the gateway to Rheinhessen. In the city, tradition, viticulture and cultural history meet cutting-edge research and a modern living and working environment. The city knows about its historical and scenic treasures and uses these resources sustainably.

Client: WBI housing association. Own operation of city of Ingelheim, the state of Hessen.

Our performance: Jura marble yellow  High quality interior with walls, floors and steps. Project planning, delivery and installation

Project: LPY Probyn Residence, Lagos, Nigeria.

Living directly on Atlantic ocean, villa will be built in the of Lagos. This house has character and fits gently into the grown environment - in the immediate vicinity of the ocean.

Client: Private investors

Material: natural stone facade White limestone from Bulgaria

Our service is the execution of the exterior facade in limestone. Project planning, delivery and installation.

Project: WEG Ostfildern, Montluelweg 2-10, Ostfildern near Stuttgart, Germany

One of the most attractive and productive business locations in the region is just outside the city. Ostfildern offers a wide range of professional perspectives, outstanding leisure qualities and a home - especially for young families. Everything is thought of: low additional costs, in-house playgrounds, spacious apartments, balcony or loggia. Schools, training places, city park, sports facilities and universities are around the corner. 118 apartments from 31 to 117 m²)

Client: Invest company RVI GmbH, Saarbrücken

Our service: Clinker facade of red clinker form Germany. Project planning, delivery and installation

Project: The Squaire Frankfurt, Germany

The Squaire is a 660 meter long, up to 65 meter wide and 45 meter (nine floors) high office building in Frankfurt am Main in the airport district. It was built between 2007 and 2011 over the existing long-distance train station at Frankfurt Airport and creates additional space for offices, hotels and retail. The Squaire is connected to Terminal 1 of the airport by a connecting corridor.With a total lettable area of 140,000 m², The Squaire is the largest office building in Germany. The building has its own bulk recipient postcode 60600 and shares the home delivery postcode 60549 with the airport grounds and Gateway Gardens.

Client: IVG Immobilien AG Bonn

Architect: JSK Dipl. Ing. Architects

Our services: natural stone Bianco Christial from China, polished45,000sqm atrium, 12,000sqm wall cladding, 6,000sqm toilet walls, 200 sinks. Project planning, delivery and installation.

Project: Office, residential complex The Hague Netherlands

The new residential and business complex in the center of The Hague is called Amadeus, because little Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is said to have stopped here at the tender age of eight.The building is 51 m high and has a total area of 8,500 m², including 76 apartments, business premises and an underground car park.

Client: Züblin  Netherlands 

Architect: Architect Bedaux de Brouwer

Our service: installation of the beige Jura façade

Project: Residential complex Cologne, Germany

55 frames - the new discovery in Cologne: located on a small island in the middle of the city, inviting and challenging, a new space is created for urban pioneers, for strong characters with unusual ideas. 55 frames provide the framework, a contemporary living and living space, individual and versatile. With 81 condominiums, a community is being created in a very central location. 55 frames connects the city of Cologne with the southern part of the city and is within walking distance of the Rheinauhafen as well as the Cologne rings.

Client: Peter Groß Bau GmbH

Architect: Boris Enning, architect BDA, city planner

Our services: Artificail stone, and natural stone work, Project planning, delivery and installation.

Project: Hotel Riad, Saudi Arabien

The site of the project is located in the north west of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

It is intersected by Takasussi Road (also called Thomama Street) and is bounded by Al Qassim Road to the east and North Ring Road to the south, with a small part of the site located to the south of North Ring Road. 

Project :  Blue Harmony Spa, Wyndham Grand, Riyadh

Czapla was was a subcontractor of the construction company Saudi Oger and  was brought in to redesign and redevelop,  delivery and installationfor the spa and fitness levels for this project. The brief was to develop a spa that will set new standards for the region and beyond as well setting new standards for the Blue Harmony Spa brand for the Wyndham Hotels Group.

Using new technologies and systems developed led to an innovative spa design and concept

Turnkey Job of SPA Construction comprising of: Water Proofing, Masonry work, Plastering, Gypsum Board ceiling, Ceramic, Mosaic tiles, Marble & Granite flooring, Cladding, Painting, Wood works, Marble counter tops, Hardware, Sanitary fittings & Bathroom Accessories, complete with all necessary fixing accessories and all other materials that may required all in accordance with Project technical specification, ID specification & SPA consultant & design presentation booklet, and as briefed in B.O.Q. and drawings.

Project: U-Bahn Höfe Oberbilker Markt Düsseldorf

The underground line Kölner Straße / Oberbilker Markt / Warschauer Straße are three stations of the Düsseldorf City rail.  They are located along the first trunk line in the Oberbilk district of the  

Nordrhein-Westfalen state capital Düsseldorf.  The Oberbilker Markt square, together with the Kölner Straße, which runs past in a north-south direction, forms the center of the district.  The underground station opens up the neighboring commercial center and the district and regional court.  It is served by the U74, U77 and U79 light rail lines.  There is a link with other Düsseldorf local transport lines at an above-ground tram stop.  In 2019, the number of boarding, disembarking and transferring passengers was around 15,000 to 20,000 per working day. The platforms arranged on the side are a specialty in the Düsseldorf tunnel network, with the exception of the two other underground stations on this route.

Our services: 11,200 m2 of Chinese granite outside and inside with walls, floors and steps.  Project planning, delivery and installation.

Client: Capital of Düsseldorf Office for Traffic Management.

Project : Lock West Esslingen

In the immediate vicinity of the Esslingen train station, in the west of the city, a residential and business district has been created which, with its five buildings, fits authentically into its surroundings. "LOK" and "WEST" therefore locate like two coordinates with five construction phases; Block a, Bela, Cigadis, Desiro, Block e.

Some elements, such as the old gantry crane, two turnstiles and the listed customs office, have been retained from the former freight station on the site of which the quarter was built, and these will be integrated into the public spaces. The railway will still shape the quarter today, which is also reflected in the names of the five buildings, which are reminiscent of locomotives and trains. It seems as if the district is in the right place.

Our services: 4.321 m2 of granite floors including screed, including 663 meters of granite elevator surrounds, 3.280 meters of steps made of granite, 6.985 meters of granite bases

Project planning, delivery and installation.

Client: RVI Saarbrücken.